Abraham Johannes (Bram) van Stockum

Born: 3 July 1864, Lisse, Netherlands.
Died: 29 December 1935, 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands.
Father:   Dirk Johannes van Stockum
Mother: Sophia Clara Emilia Lastdrager

Married: Olga Emily Boissevain, 28 August 1906, Naarden, Netherlands.


Hilda Gerarda, b. 9 February 1908, d. 1 November 2006, England.
Willem Jacob, b. 30 November 1910, d. 10 June 1944, France.
Jan Maurits, b. 29 June 1913, Rijswijk, Netherlands. d. 13 April 1947, Heiloo, Netherlands.



Inventor and officer in the Dutch Navy

Other information:

Bram van Stockum with family, 1912.

Bram was a captain (kapt.-luit. ter zee) and for a short time Vice-Admiral in the Dutch Navy, and an inventor. In 1915 he was living with his family in Ryswijk near the Hague. He invented a rice cooker but never profited from it, although he tried to market it. He came to the United States in 1919 at the expense of his brothers-in-law Robert, Eugen and Jan to try to market the rice cooker and a gearless car, but was unsuccessful. However, he had a wonderful time in New York City. He came back to Holland with stories of three-ring circuses and empty sidewalks because everyone had a car. He loved America. At that time he also decided to grow a beard--everyone else was clean shaven, so Bram decided to be different; that was characteristic.

Like his father-in-law Charles, he viewed war in moral terms. Charles said that the British were immoral aggressors against the Boers in South Africa. Bram said to his daughter: "This is a moral issue. Relations between countries are no different from relations between people. Bullying is immoral." Bram died in 1935.

Daughter Hilda wrote this piece about her father.

Brother-in-law Han de Booy wrote wrote this about Bram in his diary.